one80 | Website Management
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Website Management

The big fancy ad agency builds you a website.  It looks great, works well and gets lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” from your friends and family.  But now what?  The agency launched your site, got their check and now you are all set right?


Our Website Management Check List

Ongoing Content Management

Ongoing SEO

Platform, Plugins and Themes Updates (WordPress)

Server/Host Management

Security Management

Performance Management

Analytics Reporting


Flexible Website Management

Take a look at the check list above.  Are there a few things in there you would like help with?  We offer as little or as much website management help as is needed.  We have plans to help manage things long term or month to month or can offer help when needed on an hourly basis.  Allow us to analyze your website management needs and show you where we can help.

Let’s get started.