one80 | Application Development
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Application Development

Solving problems and bringing new efficient solutions to a business challenge is something we take enjoyment in.  We are often called the marketing technologists but we can create more than just marketing applications.


Our Application Dev Principles

Find the Most Efficient Solution

Make it Super User-Friendly


3rd Party Application Integrations

If we had a dollar for every time we were approached to create an application from scratch that already existed..We’d have a lot of dollars.  While we enjoy creating custom applications we approach every app project with an initial research phase to see if there is an existing app or software that solves the problem.  Often times we can be a very crucial part in not only finding and fitting the right application with a need but also saving an organization from a large and unnecessary investment.


Custom Application Dev

For those times when nothing exists to solve your business problem or it just isn’t the right fit or cost, we offer custom app development.  It all starts with a problem identification meeting and a thorough understanding of your business practices and procedures.  Custom business applications can often times replace costly software or clunky inefficient daily work procedures.  Our goal throughout the process is to solve a problem and increase productivity through technology.

Let’s get started.