one80 | Web Development
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Web Development

With over 15 years of development experience working with and for agencies of all types, one80 delivers on programming your design and working closely with you and your client to ensure everything is completed to spec and on-time.


Our Dev Principles

Organization and Communication is Key

Test and Test Again


Customized WordPress Development

We work directly with any size marketing team, creative team or design freelancer to help bring a WordPress website project to life.  We are your WordPress website builders and we come to the table packed with WordPress knowledge and experience to help create a functional, stable and “on-budget” WordPress website.


Custom Web Development

There is nothing we cannot do when it comes to building websites.  Whether you have a complex eCommerce project, a web application or simply need to integrate a few custom functionalities we can assist you in putting together digital plans and budgets to ensure your web dev project is priced accurately and deliverable to your clients.


Let’s get started.