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Online Advertising

With so many mediums to choose from allow us to sit with you and create a road map for online advertising success.


Our Online Advertising Properties

Social Media Ad Platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz and more

Google Adwords / Pay Per Click

Local Online Publications and Blogs

Directory Listings: Angie’s List, Google My Business, Yelp and more


Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is an extremely targeted solution to reaching an audience and retargeting your messaging.  Ad platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others allow for us to directly segment and target a large amount of customized campaigns for any size budget all with a large amount of flexibility and lower investment risk.


Pay Per Click

Another highly targeted and successful form of online marketing caries a familiar tone, Pay Per Click.  Google Adwords is the most popular platform for targeting keywords used in search and is highly effective if configured correctly for all of your keyword campaigns.  Google Adwords can work great in conjunction with your Organic Search campaigns and is also highly flexible and lower risk to your advertising investment.


Local Publications

There are endless bloggers out there and chances are there is a popular blog that fits your criteria for a target market.  Most blogs monetize their writing with advertising revenue and offer a number of ways to get involved and spread your message.  Many review blogs or product referral blogs offer unique opportunities to highlight your products or services.  Other local news and events websites can offer traditional advertising in digital form and can become a great source for leads and referrals.  We help create an online marketing plan for your organization that includes “right-fit” blogs or online publications to help generate awareness in to your target audience.


Directory Listings

One of the most overlooked yet easiest online advertising plays out there.  The directory listing, like the old Yellow Pages simply allows us to dominate the search field with numerous and frequent mentions of our business information.  It is targeted based on search and location and is fairly simple to setup with little maintenance needed.  There are a few approaches to Directory Listing Marketing and we can help draw up integrated plan to get you tarted in the right place for your business.


Let’s get started.