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Established in the summer of 2007, one80 was created to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs in developing informational and attractive websites.  As technology changed and the digital landscape evolved, one80 began to incorporate additional web services to meet the needs of its clients.  One80 soon developed a strong knowledge of web advertising platforms as well as advertising revenue capabilities for their clients.  After working with and researching screens full of web directories, one80 created a database of customized submissions and linking programs.  With a core focus on Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Friendly Web Design, one80’s clients were achieving great web marketing success.   As social media became a mainstay in the virtual lives of any web savvy individual, one80 started adding Facebook and other social channel marketing into the mix.  Today one80 continues to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve.


Why one80

One80 has developed from a small website design company into a complete digital brand development agency.  We provide all of the tools and resources necessary to create as well as maintain a brand’s web presence.  Gone are the days of simply having a website to communicate with your customers online.  The digital environment has changed and now incorporates a much more comprehensive package of communication tools.  One80 brings expertise, customized strategies, and  best-web-practices to every brand we encounter.  We take pride in our work and foster strong relationships with all levels of clients and partners.  We perform every project through completion and stick around to help manage things, something not too common in the industry.  Our success is ultimately determined by the success of our clients and partners.


Who is one80

One80 was founded by Jeff Gonzalez in 2007.  Jeff holds a BS in Creative Marketing from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island and an MBA from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.  Jeff began his marketing career on the client side right out of college and quickly realized he wanted to stake a claim on the agency side.  After working numerous positions in the marketing industry Jeff decided to go out on his own creating simple but effective websites for local business connections.  The business soon grew and Jeff was able to expand the company by taking on a partner and a number of loyal and talented “permalance” contractors.  Things began to pick up steam in 2013 and the rest is simply history.  One80 now manages over 100 digital properties and performs a long list of digital marketing services within various industries.



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